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English for the oil and gas industry

The Oxford ‘English for Careers in oil and gas’ course is very authentic covering practical language for both downstream and upstream activities, from safety issues to project management geophysical tests to risk management and environmentalĀ  hazard containment.

The course is especially suitable for anyone with an elementary background in English or with a better knowledge of the language but a need for familiarization of the terminology of the industry.

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Study with HRDA subsidy for companies

Two books are covered with the course each requiring 30 to 40 contact hours with some extra time allowed for testing and revision. A fair total estimate would be 70 teaching hours to cover both books.

The course is divided into two parts each consisting of 15 work units and involves:

  1. Frequent role play
  2. Information-gap language activities
  3. Practice of the four skills: reading writing listening and speaking
  4. Grammar and group work
  5. Regular unit by unit testing
  6. Project work activities using the internet

We promise a fun practical approach to the topics to give students an overview of the industry together with general language practice and some specialist knowledge.

A course that you will enjoy!

This is an exciting English language course involving role-play and real-life scenarios form the industry, writen or spoken by successful UK business people.
The are grammar workshop units but most importantly language games and information gap activities to bring learning to life.
Most students attending the course will be working adults or graduate recruits who intend to improve their English within a business content. The Cambridge Benchmark course gives upper-intermediate students practice for the internationally recognized Cambridge ESOL BEC Vantage examination at level B2. This is at the standard as the more well-known Cambridge FCE examination.
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